The Mircromanager In Your Midst

You know the one.

The boss that hovers and second guesses; who answers for you in meetings.  The one who blames you when things go wrong, and takes the credit when everything goes right.

When it comes to the people we work for, there’s not a lot we can do to change their bad behavior––especially when they fancy themselves just as they are.

But what we can do––what we have a duty to do––is to make sure that we don’t let the people around us––especially the ones above us––turn us into someone we have no desire to be.  You may not be able to change them, but you most certainly have the power to make a claim for yourself; to choose who, and how, you will be.

And who knows?  Maybe over time, a little bit of your goodness will manage to swim itself upstream.

Resistance versus Obstinance

Resistance:  A force that tends to oppose motion; the capacity of an organism to defend itself against a disease; an underground organization engaged in a struggle for national liberation in a country under military or totalitarian occupation.

Obstinance:  Resolute adherence to your own ideas or desires; bullheadedness, pigheadedness.

See the difference?

Resistance can be healthy; even downright noble at times.  Obstinance never is.  Not ever.

You say you want to change; you say you’re ready to push through.  But when every suggestion (or teensy, tiny critique) results in a conversation-stopper, you gotta be willing to ask yourself, ‘Resistance, or obstinance?’

Is ‘no’ a line from an old script––something you’ve hung onto for so long, you no longer remember the reasons why?  Is it part of an ancient battle; an outmoded defense?  Does your ‘no’ serve you, (be honest here) or is your pigheadedness getting in your way?

Pride or growth?  The rest of us are cheering you on, but really,  it’s up to you.  Totally.

Gender Translation Software

Gender Translation Software––Wouldn’t it be great if it were really that easy?

When he says:  (Female User Input)

He means:  (Software Output)

When she says:  (Male User Input)

She means:  (Software Output)

Think of all the problems it could solve?  I’m just saying…..


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